Bitcoin is a crypto currency that has taken the industry by storm. Many people have been using the currencies in their daily lives making it a virtual currency and a means to offset debts. However, not so many people understand what Bitcoin is? What network does BTC runs on, and more? In this article, we will provide you with all the Bitcoin basics you should know. 

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a both a virtual and a digital currency that has so many applications in the outside world.  You can store, transfer, and keep your bitcoin anonymous. The latter is something that is made to happen with the use of best bitcoin mixers. What they do is to transfer your bitcoin to so many accounts to become untraceable.  You should note that the unit of bitcoin digital currency indicated its entry of the digital ledger. 

They function the same way dollars or any other currency gets their value by an entry on the bank’s digital ledger. Bitcoin has a varying price. That is why the price keeps on rising based on the number of people that get rewarded for adding a chain in the block. Another thing that causes prices of bitcoin to change is the buying or selling or large amount of bitcoin. Other events such as hacking of the bitcoin cash in certain wallets could cause the BTC price to change. That is why many people resort to using of best bitcoin exchanger to ensure the latter does not happen. 

Understanding Blockchain and what is its relationship to Bitcoin. 

As previously stated Bitcoin is the currency and a digital one transferable from one place to another. Bitcoin has a value determined by many factors. However, Bitcoin runs on an application called blockchain. You should note that many other applications runs of the blockchain networks such as ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Lit coin, and more. It is the blockchain network that makes BTC and other cryptocurrencies to be different from other ones such as the dollars. Remember the latter currencies are regulated by the central banks, and other forces. That does not happen with bitcoin, and on the blockchain network. What happens is that the person who will add the block of the chain will get rewarded. The latter will affect the price of BTC. The blockchain network has no central authority, and not so many people understand how it works. There are no constraints in it making it secure, scalable, and efficient.  You only need to work hard to add a block on the chain and get rewarded with bitcoin. That is where the bitcoin comes from. You should also note the latter process needs much computing and power. But the good news is that you can purchase the Bitcoin at a lower price and sells them at higher price. The use of best bitcoin exchangerwill also make the process secure. You do not have to risk losing your money.

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