For those who dream of starting a business in Canada, the Canada Startup Visa program is the perfect way to make their dreams a reality. This unique visa program was developed by the Canadian government as a way to attract foreign entrepreneurs so that they may bring their innovative ideas and skills to the country. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how this program works, who qualifies, and what benefits it can offer you.

How Does It Work?

The Canada Startup Visa Program is designed to connect international entrepreneurs with private sector organizations (known as “designated organizations”) that have experience in working with start-ups. These designated organizations will provide mentorship and advice on setting up a business, but they can also provide support with things like market research, customer validation, developing business plans, and more.

As part of the application process, potential applicants need to be accepted by two designated organizations. The organizations will provide guidance throughout the process and also help applicants meet other requirements for their startup visa. For example, they can prioritize a candidate who has already enlisted their services, close an investment deal with them, or refer them to a third-party program.

Once an application is approved, candidates will be required to prove that they have enough money to support themselves during the startup visa process. They are also required to meet certain language and education requirements, as well as pass a medical exam. In addition, immigrants need to establish residency in Canada within six months of being approved for their startup visa.

This program is a great resource for international entrepreneurs who want to make their start-ups successful in Canada. If you’re interested in applying, we recommend researching your designated organizations and working with them to complete the application process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In exchange for their mentorship and expertise, these designated organizations can also become investors in your business. The designated organization must provide a minimum investment of $200,000 CAD or more for your venture in order for you to qualify for the startup visa. In addition to this monetary investment, the designated organization must also be willing to commit resources such as networking contacts and guidance on how to run your business successfully.

You must agree to work full-time on your business while living in Canada on a temporary basis until it becomes successful enough that you can apply for permanent residency status through other programs such as Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

Living in Canada on a temporary basis, for the purpose of starting a business, refers to living in Canada continuously until you meet the above criteria. If your studies are completed before this period ends and if you return home, you can no longer be considered as eligible under the Entrepreneur Program. Moreover, if any member of your family leaves Canada during this time, their permanent residency application will be canceled.


The Canada Startup Visa Program offers entrepreneurs from around the world an opportunity to start businesses within Canadian borders without having to worry about finding investors or managing paperwork associated with applying for residency visas on their own time frames – all while receiving valuable insights from experienced industry professionals along the way!

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