Some people still need to travel for essential business tasks during the coronavirus pandemic. Staying in a hotel room is the most common option, but there are other alternatives that are much safer and a lot more comfortable. Corporate accommodations could be a better choice over regular hotel rooms if you must travel during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Let’s take a look at some particularly good reasons to stay in a corporate accommodation during your next important business trip:

Less Encounters With People- although hotels are fairly empty during the current pandemic, there are still many people there. A big hotel could have hundreds of staff and it’s a riskier environment. On the other hand, corporate accommodations may only have a few staff. 

Better Amenities- corporate accommodations are like fully-furnished apartments. They are ideal if you want to have a longer stay. You may get a living room, well-stocked kitchen, and laundry room. Corporate accommodations are ideal for employees who are required to travel for certain projects. They need to stay for weeks or months until the completion of the project. During an extended stay, it would be more comfortable for employees if they get more complete amenities. Some hotel rooms have a small kitchenette, but with appliances and utensils missing, guests will need to rely mostly on hotel restaurants. When staying at a corporate accommodation, it is possible to purchase produce and food ingredients from nearest grocery stores. You can cook any meal in the kitchen and could cut down on food expenses. For people with dietary preferences or food allergies, they could choose what ingredients to cook.

Separate Bathrooms And Bedrooms- because corporate accommodations are designed for extended stays, they are more like studio apartments. There could be two or three separate bedrooms with a bathroom inside. This allows you to maintain privacy and comfort. To ensure maximum convenience, corporate apartments have separate spaces for relaxing, sleeping and eating.

More Relaxed Surroundings- most hotels are usually strategically located at high-traffic areas near business districts or airports. Corporate accommodations are usually located in a community or sub-urban area. The surroundings are more relaxed, allowing travelers to live like locals. 

Lower Costs- for extended stays, corporate accommodations are usually less expensive than regular hotels. If your trip is longer than a month, a hotel stay can exceed the cost of corporate accommodations. When staying at hotel, the costs are based on daily stays. In many corporate accommodations, you could choose a monthly plan and the actually daily cost could be more affordable.

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