Complications with the spine are some of the leading causes of disabilities in the American public. Whether these complications are caused by repetitive actions in a work environment or even a slip-and-fall incident, you may be entitled to compensation. To receive the compensation you need to fund a full recovery, you must hire the help of an experienced disability lawyer. They’ll help you to file a detailed claim, ensuring that your condition is accurately represented and the events leading to the injury are thoroughly investigated. There are several facts to be aware of when filing a claim and ensuring your back injury disability claim goes through successfully.

Compensable Damages for Back Injuries

When you are seeking compensation for a back injury, you must know what to expect from your settlement. Though it is not quite possible to predict the amount you will be awarded given the wide variety of injury types and causal circumstances, you can get an idea of the reasons behind the distribution of your compensatory funds. For instance, below are some of the types of damages that will be covered in a back injury case:

  • Medical expenses: Of course, the amount awarded for medical expenses is entirely based on the cost of your recovery, medication, surgeries, rehabilitation, and other treatment types that may be required. 
  • Lost wages: Lost wages are calculated different per case, and are influenced by your projected earnings and how the injury will affect your work performance. 

These are known as economic compensatory damages. Keep in mind that you are also entitled to compensation for non-economic impacts, such as pain and suffering. In all cases, however, it is your responsibility as the claimant to prove your disability or injury. There are two primary ways by which you can prove your condition:

  • You must prove that you meet at least one listing on the Social Security Administration’s list of medical conditions requiring disability benefits. 
  • You must prove that the disability or injury has significantly impacted your ability to perform standard actions such as standing, walking, and carrying objects. This includes proof of the inability to perform your job in the same capacity as before the injury occurred.

Get the Help of an Experienced Disability Attorney to File Your Claim

The average person who had to file a claim due to a back injury received about $23,600 in compensation. Still, the case was not always resolved right away. It took an average of just about 18 months for a case to be fully resolved. This is likely due to having to wait for all medical results to be documented and all costs to be thoroughly calculated and projected. Back injuries are highly complex and some may take longer than others to fully manifest and be treated.

To get your case underway and ensure that you receive your due compensation in a reasonable timeframe, hire the help of an expert disability attorney. They will assist you in proving your injury or disability by investigating your case and uncovering substantial evidence to support you. Start your recovery today by getting in contact with a disability attorney. 

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