Employment attorneys can be valuable resources for employees in cases involving discrimination, illegal termination, sexual harassment, salary and compensation difficulties, contract deviation, harassment, severance packages, and more. What do workers’ compensation benefits include?

Workers’ compensation benefits are provided to cover five basic expenses:

  • Medical expenses, including treatment and trips to the doctor;
  • Temporary disability payments for your expenses incurred while you are unable to work;
  • Permanent partial disability payments for any disability or long-term disability;
  • Lifetime medical coverage for the injury; and
  • Transportation miles reimbursement

What to do in case of a work-related injury?

If you are injured on the job, be sure to notify your employer immediately so that you are eligible for compensation. But if your employer is not ready to give you the compensation that you actually deserved, then it is time to fight for your right. Because you are the only person who can stand against the employee for your rights. Employment attorney New Jersey, can help you in such cases. 

Then, hire an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to ensure your money arrives when it is due and is the correct amount. A good lawyer team knows exactly what paperwork is required and will work with you to complete it.

Here are some of the situations in which a workers’ compensation expert can help you:

When your claim is denied, claim denials are quite common, often the result of clerical errors on the part of your employer. But sometimes denials occur due to insufficient evidence, lack of proper medical treatment, or because your employer questions your account. Employment attorneys in New Jersey offer multiple opportunities to overturn the denial of your claim, but your best chance is at your first hearing before an administrative law judge. A workers’ compensation attorney will help make the strongest appeal possible.

When the insurance company does not respond, sometimes insurance companies try to play the game by simply ignoring claims in the expectation that you will give up. Meanwhile, your medical bills are mounting or worse; your treatment is delayed. A workers’ compensation attorney knows how to get the insurance company to pay attention and start negotiations.

Conclusion: A workers’ compensation attorney can help you get the second opinion you may need, refer you to specific providers, and use your medical history to differentiate your current injury from previous ones.

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