If you are living in Utah, you can complete a no-fault divorce within months. This is only true when you and your spouse can cooperate with each other, to come to a separation agreement. Divorces, sadly, get messy in no time, and there could be several points of contention. For instance, both parents may want physical custody of the minor child. Or, the couple may have a considerable amount of marital assets. In this post, we are sharing more on how to deal with a complicated and messy divorce. 

  1. Don’t ignore threats or concerns related to domestic violence. If your marriage involved cruelty, or you have serious fear of imminent harm from your spouse, you need to take legal advice. Contact a Sandy domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible, and depending on the circumstances of your case, they can get you a restraining or protective order. 
  2. Let your lawyer do the talking. There is no law that makes it mandatory to hire a lawyer for your divorce, but this is the wisest thing to do. When you are sure that things may not move smoothly with your spouse, let your lawyer take over. They can discuss, mediate, and negotiate as needed, so that you don’t have to deal with your spouse and their lawyer directly. 
  3. Seek support. It is important to understand the value of emotional support during your divorce. The stress can take over in no time, and you need a good therapist, beyond your friends and family members. Conversations with your attorney is likely to be brief and clear, but don’t expect them to deal with your mental health issues. 
  4. Don’t date. This may sound a bit odd, but unless your divorce has been finalized, you don’t want to date or start an affair. In a messy divorce, spouses often try to blame one another, so that they can get a favorable settlement. Dating only adds to the stress, and this can go against you. 
  5. Don’t threat your spouse. It is okay to feel angered and frustrated about the divorce and how your spouse is responding. However, avoid the temptation to make that one call to shout your heart out. If you want to say something to your spouse, let your attorney know, and they will guide you further on whether that conversation is important. 

For finalizing a divorce without the mess, you must be open to settlement options. 

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