Are you looking for an 印傭 to take care of your children? They need to possess the following qualities so that you are assured your kids are in safe hands when you are away at work.

Trustworthy and reliable

 A domestic helper for children has to be trustworthy and reliable. You will need to rely on them to complete the household chores and have trust in them to do their job properly with the kids while you are away. They have to provide the best for your kids.

Have academic skills

It is important that whoever will be helping with the children to have some academic skills like a diploma or certification in nursing or childcare so that they handle your children effectively. They have to be qualified to do the job and completely perfectly the work which is assigned to them. If they have an experience as newborn specialist care, it adds up for you as the employer, while some teaching skills might also be a plus.

First aid

As a domestic helper who will be dealing with the children, they need to have experience in CPR. They should know how to relieve a child who chokes and deal with bleedings and burns. As a parent, you will feel relaxed if your nanny is good when it comes to first aid. You will have confidence in their ability to take care of your children.

Skills in communication 

Domestic helpers and parents have to be in a position to communicate effectively. The domestic helper should ask questions regarding the parent’s expectations and get everything about the child in question. As a parent, you should answer all the questions you are asked by the domestic helper. Keep the communication as open as possible so that the children are handled properly.

Background check

The domestic helpers have to give their background information and references of previous employers to you as their current employer.  You might want to do an investigation about their driving records and criminal records as well.  Some would be glad to employ domestic helpers with a high school diploma while others prefer the experience of the maid. 

Skills in problem-solving 

The domestic helper should be the type who can go through issues and be in a position to evaluate solutions where necessary for various problems that are related to children. They have to be solution-oriented as well as forthcoming when it comes to communicating with their employers. They should be independent in handling various issues without getting any intervention from the employer.

Active listening

Domestic helpers for children should pay close attention to the advice which members of the family give and understand what is being said before asking questions. They have to be patient when handling children, being attentive to their words and needs.

Cooking skills

It becomes a plus if the domestic helper who will be handling your children has some cooking skills. It comes in handy as children like smart cooking to handle them with tasty yet healthy food.

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