The moment you decide to end your marriage is not an easy one. Hopefully, you have tried everything to save the relationship, but when the marriage is no longer working, a divorce is an imminent end. You can either have an uncontested or a contested divorce in Birmingham, and in your best interests, it is better to aim for the former. In this post, learn more about why you should aim for an uncontested divorce.

What is an uncontested divorce?

If you and your spouse agree on all the major aspects related to ending the marriage, you will have an uncontested divorce. The process involves having an agreement that sorts issues like child custody, parenting plans, and alimony. Both spouses should agree on the division of property and assets, too. When there is a conflict or no room for negotiation, it would be a case of a contested divorce.

Retain control over the process

If you let the court decide what happens to your assets or how child custody is divided between parents, you are less likely to have control over the outcome. The same is true for matters like alimony, and while the judges always have a neutral attitude, decisions are based on various aspects. There is no guarantee that these decisions will be in your favor. If you decide to resolve things with your spouse, you will have a say in how the divorce pans out. In that context, uncontested divorces are always better.

Get done sooner

As the involvement of the court is limited, you can expect to finish an uncontested divorce within weeks. There is a waiting time of 30 days before the final hearing, which can extend further depending on the paperwork and whether the court has an exceeding burden of lawsuits. However, there is no denying that an uncontested divorce is more straightforward and doesn’t take as much time as a contested divorce.

You won’t spend as much

Besides all the above points, an uncontested divorce is also cheaper, and you just need to pay the lawyer and the required court fees. Many lawyers in Birmingham take a flat fee for such divorces. Contested divorces require clients to pay a retainer fee along with an hourly rate, which can cost thousands of dollars, especially if the process drags for years.

Call a divorce lawyer today to discuss your uncontested divorce in Birmingham. An attorney can ensure you don’t compromise on any aspect, but at the same time, they will try to keep conflict at bay and streamline the legal work.

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