As a citizen, you have certain civil rights, granted by the constitution. You have the freedom of expression, right to get an attorney after arrest, right to government services and so on. If you feel your civil rights were violated, you need to talk to an attorney, to know if you can pursue a lawsuit. If you are confused about hiring a Las Vegas civil rights attorney, check answers to relevant questions below. 

When do you really need a civil rights lawyer?

If your civil liberties were violated, meeting an attorney is a good idea. A simple example of civil rights violations is employment discrimination. For instance, if your employer has denied you a promotion because of your race or country of origin, it is a clear case of discrimination. You need to call an attorney, if – 

  • You were subjected to unreasonable searches
  • You have suffered employment discrimination
  • You were abused by a public officer on duty
  • You were subject to police misconduct

How can a civil rights lawyer help?

A good and skilled civil rights lawyer will ensure that you are aware of your options and rights. The lawyer will also evaluate the circumstances and understand if you can file a lawsuit. They will also explain what to expect from the case. In some cases, the lawyer may just want to get an injunction order, while in other cases, they might for a settlement. There is no denying that civil rights laws are complex and hard to understand. For instance, if you were subjected to employment discrimination, you need to file a claim with a government agency first, before filing a lawsuit. 

How much do civil rights lawyers charge?

It depends on the facts of the case. The first meeting can be a cost-cost consultation affair, while some civil rights lawyers offer free initial advice. If the lawyer decides to take the case, they can either charge by the hour, or ask for a contingency fee. In case of the latter, the lawyer will get a fixed percentage of the final compensation, provided they win. It also depends on what is expected in compensation and work involved. 

Don’t delay in calling a civil rights lawyer. They can help you gather evidence, to bolster the case, so that you can take legal option, based on the situation. You can check online for top attorneys in Las Vegas. 

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