A few decades ago, when people had complaints, they would send handwritten letters or go to people’s houses to register the complaint. Additionally, if people wanted to make an announcement, they would have to slide fliers under doors or stick them on walls. 

However, with the arrival of technology, it has become possible to send a message in less than a second. Many HOA’s now have websites that facilitate a number of tasks. It creates a platform for all the community members to come in one place and share messages, ideas, and other things.

However, creating a good website that runs smoothly and is user-friendly and maintaining it from time to time may be expensive. If your HOA needs assistance in deciding the budget of building a website, Chandler HOA management companies can help create a plan.

Benefits Of Having An HOA Website

Sharing important documents.

A website can be a great place to share important documents. For example, the CC&R are governing documents that contain the rules and regulations of an HOA. If a potential buyer or an existing member wants to go through the HOA’s policies, they can directly go to the website and view it instead of contacting the board. 

Making announcements. 

You can customize your HOA website according to your own needs. Therefore, you may add a section on the website where the board members can post news and announcements. You can also add the feature to set alerts and reminders for certain HOA events or meetings. 


Your HOA website can allow you to hold meetings online. Although there are other free platforms on the internet to conduct these meetings, using your website for communication can facilitate things as it will be built according to your specific needs. Online communication is a great option when all the board members are not available in one place. 

Collect payments.

Handling the finances of a midsize or a large community and collecting payments from so many people individually can be a daunting task. It can also become difficult to track who has done which payments and which ones are still due. In such cases, having a website where all the residents can make the payment in one place and track them is a big relief. 

Save time and costs. 

Lastly, having a website where you can manage finances, make announcements, hold meetings, upload necessary documents and share important messages to board members does save a lot of time and money. By going online and paperless, not only it saves your money but increases effective communication between you and the residents. 

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