There are various types of 2022 calendar printable PDF available as marketing calendar online. Such type of marketing calendar opts to be called a blog calendar or social media calendar or editorial calendar. The purpose of the blog calendar is similar to the other printable calendar such as plan, schedule and organize content and other marketing projects. the three common types of content calendars are printable calendars that are similar to old-school hardcopy solutions, spreadsheets that opt to be a cost-effective option accessible on excel and Google Sheets. And last but not least is the application that included premium tools to ease out the task of the organization.

How should a content calendar look like?

In case, one hesitates or gets confused about the content calendar then let’s get an idea of how it appears like. The content calendar appears the same as the normal printable calendar but the major difference is introduced with the addition of color-coding, idea, tasks, and projects. Let’s notices the several aspects that can be introduced with are detailed below:

Color-coding- everything related to content and project needs to be represented with a consistent color scheme. The use of colors helps in differentiating content easily like Blog posts, email newsletters, webinars, social media campaigns, and podcast episodes which eventually help in separating one content from another. 

Marketing Campaigns: Color bands available at the end are denoted as a Marketing campaign. This feature allows the recognition of multiple parts of a project or campaign into one folder. With a single click, one can create a filtered view displayed of the item that is related to the project. 

Filters:  It is used as filter content for the calendar displaying type, team member, tag, color label, etc. 

Content: a variety of content can be easily included in every month’s calendar like January 2022 Calendar Printable. 

Visualization: Several visual aspects are represented in a content calendar which offers the clear visibility of upcoming deadlines for the people who are working over it. 

The only thing that one should keep in the mind is that social media messages can be displayed to view anytime desired. If one is making use of the spreadsheet then content then the functionality can be replicated. In case, one likes the calendar features then this like:

  • Hits the actual deadline of a project- It helps one to become accountable in getting the stuff done. With the regular display of visual deadlines on the content calendar, one can move one step more toward the goal. 
  • All info at one place- This calendar relates everything that is needed to be displayed at one place either it’s for a blog post, social message, event, email, newsletters, podcasts or video, etc. this makes one vision and helps in focusing more toward the goal. 
  • Makes one strategically: with the use of this content calendar, one can become strategically about content creation. Instead of getting scrambled in the last-minute creation of content that helps one to get ready with a major holiday and even plan the entire year.  
  • Provide a clear vision to one team player- the team players of an office or family members anyone gets the opportunity to quickly have a glance of the work that needs to be performed in the form of simple collaboration.

Thus with the use of the printable calendar one can easily plan everything concerning the future. This can be used to depict a week, month, and even plan all things ahead of the execution day. It helps plan the content marketing without effort for the entire year. 


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