Key Points and Steps of Sales Promotion

Key Points and Steps of Sales Promotion

A marketing plan includes all of the financial, logistical and tactical aspects of marketing. Sales promotion is one of the tactical components of a marketing strategy. To have a successful sales promotion, we will bring you steps to follow and key points you need to include in your marketing strategy. Seo services thailand helps your sales promotion and business visible to your target audience.

Sales Professionals

To successfully promote your product, your sales force needs to actively get the product visible to your customers. Your sales professionals should be trained in every aspect of your product or service, including product weaknesses. With your sales force in the field, it will counteract competitors’ products that try to exploit your product’s shortcomings. To achieve this, your sales force needs to understand your product’s benefits and challenges.

Push or Pull Marketing

Your business has to decide if push or pull marketing is what your promoting needs. Push marketing involves creating end-user demand by encouraging distributors and retailers to buy a product with discounts on your popular items. A pull marketing strategy, on the other hand, brings demand among consumers with a targeted advertising campaign.

Unique Selling Proposition

For a more effective promoting result, focus on the key differences that exist between you and your competitors. The differences may be product features. For example, one drink company promotes its product based taste, while the competitor associates its product with being part of a younger age. The two are similar products, but the later uses the unique selling proposition in its promotions.


Any ongoing promotional strategy evaluates the productivity of the points being used for marketing. You need to know that if your promotional strategy drives revenue and if it creates a positive product image. Encourage your sales professionals to gain feedback from customers to determine the impact of the marketing message you convey and the most effective methods of promotion.

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