Bonuses are considered as the most important thing that people get as rewards after playing any game. As similar as, when you are going to place the bets in the Bitcoin Dice game then you will get chance to earning bonuses as well. You can play jackpot that is a great chance to win really big amount of money. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to hit that jackpot then you need to score perfectly. Once you reach the great and apex ranking then you will automatically surge the chances of winning the epic jackpot and this jackpot include great benefits, which you cannot get with common online gambling bet.

Try the Jackpot!

Now you will find the option for the jackpot by using the just points. If you don’t have money then you can use the stars or points instead of money. Therefore, if you have 10,000,014.95 then you are eligible to play the jackpot. Make sure, when you are playing Bitcoin Dice jackpot then your 100 points will be similar to the $1.00, so you can use them for playing the jackpot according to your choice. If you are lucky enough then there are some chances that you will earn the money wisely, so get ready to start enjoying the gameplay with it that is completely amazing.

Win a percentage of Jackpots!

It really depend on the size of your bet that what percentage of jackpot you will win in the Bitcoin Dice game. Therefore, when a player wins 50 points then it is just 1% percent of the Jackpot. If we talk about the 500 points then it is similar as 10% of the jackpot, so get ready to take its advantages. Not only this, if it covers 5,000 points then it is related to 100%, so when you reach on the 5,000 points then we can say that it is really a valuable option for you to wining whole jackpot amount into the game. Get ready to enjoy the gameplay wisely.

Check out the leaderboard!

In the Bitcoin Dice will, you will a leaderboard that is considered as the most advanced option for you, so when you are going to play the game then you will find the score into the leaderboard. Make sure, these leaderboard are divided into three parts such as daily, weekly and monthly, so you are able to check out the name of the player along with the points and the amount of bonuses that they have already earned by playing the game of the gambling. It would be best for you to checking the leaderboard online.


At the time of payment into the Bitcoin Dice game, you can easily use the bitcoin that is the required currency of the game even you can convert it if you need. In order to grab more facts about the old score, you should simply go with the history option that will tell you everything about the old score of the people and their bonuses.

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