allows financial processes to be faster and more fluid, spending less time on administrative tasks and more time on strategy.

The instability of exchange rates and price volatility represents a constant test for companies. Consequently, and as a solution to permanent uncertainty, companies must resort to the automation of financial processes, which allows their development more quickly and efficiently.

Main results of Machine Trading software in companies

  1. Reliable data and integration are essential for financial automation

More than 67% believed that having reliable data is the main success factor of automation projects. For its part, integration with other systems  and time management are also listed among the main success factors.

  1. Operational efficiency is a crucial driver of financial automation projects

According to surveyed, the main factor driving the need to automate is the need to streamline processes. The second factor is cost savings

  1. Most financial and credit departments are automating, but it is still great potential

Automation, fueled by analytics and insight, can reduce operating costs, increase efficiency, and open new avenues of growth for financial departments by obtaining and scaling data from multiple sources at once. Organizations that rely on data and knowledge are more likely to record annual revenue growth of 15% higher. For financial leaders, in particular, automation must go beyond being considered a “good idea” and becoming a strategic methodology that unlocks the true potential of the human team, data, and machines.

Today’s automation applications allow users to create custom dashboards so that they can share corresponding financial results with internal stakeholders. And commercial leaders are responsible for explaining the context of this data.

Similarly, while automation represents innovation and efficiency, machine learning should not be used to replace human interaction. The finance area must know how to combine human and automated processes by improving the company’s strategies.

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