Despite being so vigilant on the road, you still met with an accident unexpectedly. Every time it’s not your fault, sometimes it can occur to you due to someone else’s carelessness too. The Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer can help you in such cases to get compensation. In this post, you will see what things you should do after a car accident in Boise. 

Remain calm

No matter how worse the situation gets, you should not lose your calm. It’s easier said than done – Don’t panic in such cases but being calm can help you analyze the situation better and help you find a solution. Even if you are entirely sure that it was the other driver’s fault, do not involve yourself in unwanted fights and arguments, especially in front of the police.

Call 911

After getting a hold of the situation, immediately call 911 even if people in your car or the other vehicle are not injured. Firstly, this will ensure that you and others are fine despite the absence of any visible external injuries. Secondly, your car accident attorney can use these medical reports in the future if there is anything of medical concern.

Answer the cops honestly

Be honest with the police officials, answer every detail correctly, and do not leave the scene unless the police ask you to leave.

Contact a car accident lawyer.

After medical attention and police inquiry, contact the Boise car accident lawyers, even if you were at fault or not. The lawyers can help calculate the percentage of your loss and how much compensation you are entitled to receive from the other driver. They can also help recover any money you have lost due to the accident, like your daily wage, hospital bills, insurance amount, or any other money lost due to the accident.

Inform insurance company

Make sure you inform your insurance company in time about the accident. Do not deal with the company directly. Take the help of your lawyer to handle the negotiations. 

Avoid another accident

Do not, under any circumstance, hit another car, object, or any pedestrian and try to run from the scene. If you do so, this will complicate your case even more and inform police and lawyers.


We are humans, and making errors is part of our lives. Making mistakes is not in your hands but taking charge of your mistakes. If you meet with an accident, you now know how to proceed and handle the situation. 

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