What Does A Modern Advertising Agency Do

Colorful Design Advertising Agency – The Power of Advertisement

In simple words, its primary function is to be useful and offer concrete solutions. An advertising agency is nothing more than a company that makes money by helping others make money.

When a client company wants to change its name, its logo, its image, or in which they communicate with the world, they turn to an advertising agency. Simply because the company finds out who the customer is, how they want to be, and helps them find “the soul” of the business.

An advertising agency must be useful and offer concrete solutions.

In clear points, an agency today:

  • Start with a budget and then look for a great idea
  • It exists to help the client find his opportunity in the market
  • Create emotional connections; creativity is subjective
  • The business model is based on increasing billable services
  • You must measure whether communication is effective in terms of increasing customer sales

But before continuing, there is a question that I would like to solve:

What Is The Difference Between An Advertising Agency And A Marketing Agency

While the advertising agency is in charge of creating and spreading the message on the available channels (radio, television, press, social networks, billboards, etc.) with an advertising license (ใบอนุญาตโฆษณา which is the term in Thai); A marketing agency has a more global and complex task. He is in charge of designing every aspect of a company’s communication to the world, from the way they should speak, the colors they should use, the words that characterize them to the means in which to promote the message.

That is why an advertising agency can work perfectly with a company that has a marketing department or with a person in charge of this task in a small company.

How Should A Good Agency Be?

  • They must know and manage any technological advance that helps spread a message
  • They must have an organizational culture that reflects the soul of their own business
  • They must be more profitable through their work process, the optimization of resources, and the achievement of real results
  • They must be able to work with other advertising agencies. And I clarify this point: some agencies specialize in a certain type of communication (digital, traditional, creative, etc.) and have led businesses to hire services from these companies for campaigns and special projects

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