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What is Lead Conversion System 2? How it is different from other product already available in the market with less price tag? Will it be a worth to invest in this new lead conversion tool? What are the key benefits? When your product is new in the market it will take some time for your product to be evaluated compared and tested and the acceptance and feedback is generated but once the leads are converted in factual sales figures customer will be telling the true picture and the reliance and benefits for the new system in place.

Lead conversion system squaredthe short form is LCS2 it’s a lead conversion tool with a guaranteed1,000 leads of hungry buyers per month. The grand event launch will launched soon pre launched on 21 September and it will be in market starting on 28th September and its already passed all internal evaluation and testing and ready to launch at a hefty price tag of starting from $ 1497 – $ 3000was created by digital marketers who are the pioneer to bring this unique product that will be a game changer it’s a product launched by Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely they have put their hard work and the result is LCS2. 

We are talking about a sales funnel that is built for the marketers and affiliates by the marketers who are well aware of the quality leads and conversion rate takes lots of your time that can be saved if the system in place is doing all that work by itself and all you need to do is leave it to the new LCS2 work for you and it will be generating of 1000 leads on monthly basis that will be shortlisted based on the priority and the need analysis for your product all you need to do is close the sales with the customer and sales figure will start moving for you. Once you have decided to go for it your all new lead conversion system 2 you will also receive a license to resell it.In the internal launch and partners testing the result are quite impressive we are happy to see webinar conversion up to 32%, revenue per attendee is $ 670 and it comes with the best offer of #1.

The new customers who will be placing their order in prelaunch will have chance to win BMW I8 if the first day booking exceeds 3.5million and this will be for the affiliates and 1000,000,000 will be distributed for all the affiliates who become the customers the 1st price will be divided in 3 and 2nd prize winner will have $ 10,000 and 3rd price will be $ 9,000  and no one in the launch event will be ignored and over 100+ participants will get $ 1000 for bringing in 100 participants on webinar and the last 100 runners-up will receive action DV camcorders model AKASO EK7000 with 4K and Wi-Fi and its water proof .All will be distributed by Daven and Chad.

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